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Spring League Information

Mite 1

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Mite 2

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Mite 3

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Hi Parents, Coaches and Managers:

For those not familiar with the "Original Spring League", it is a fun league for Mites, Squirts, Peewees. The season begins with 1 practice followed by 11 games. The League starts the 3rd week of March and will end in early May. Dates will vary by team.

Does your child have any friends or relatives that play at the same level in a different association? If so, this is a great opportunity for them to play on the same team. This league is NOT limited to NSPAHA players.

Questions regarding the league can be sent to springhockey@nsphockey.org.

Space is limited so register early! Registration will be on a "First come, first play" basis. If you intend to bring in an entire team, please send an email to springhockey@nsphockey.org so we can plan accordingly.

Thank You,

Yucel (U'jel) Ozel
North St Paul Area Hockey Association
651 307-8947 cell

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. The registration form says to register early. Is that really important?
A. YES. The league filled up last year and we had to turn away some skaters. We don't like turning away skaters but ice is limited so please register early! Also if we get the registrations as soon as possible we can set the playing schedule sooner. 

Q. What days of the week will games be held?
A. Scheduling is dictated by how many teams enter at each level. It is typical for teams to play 1 week night and 1 weekend per week. 

Q. When will we get our schedules?
A. Because we don't know how many teams we'll have at each level until registration is complete, game schedules cannot be created until registration is complete.

Q. Should my child play Mite 1 or Mite 2 or Mite 3?
A. Please see the separation between the Mite levels:

Mite 1 (suggested ages 4-6)

  • Players typically with one year of hockey experience.
  • Full Ice Games with NO Goalies, Coaches on ice. No Referee’s.

Mite 2 (suggested ages 6-7)

  • Players with limited hockey experience. Typically two years experience.
  • Full Ice Games with Goalies, Coaches on ice. No Referee’s.
  • 8 and 9 year old players will be allowed to play Mite 2 if they have not played hockey before. 

Mite 3 (suggested ages 7-8)

  • Players moving into their last year of mites and with at least 2-3 years of hockey experience.
  • Full Ice Games with Goalies and Junior Referee’s.

Q. Does the Peewee league allow checking?
A. No, checking is NOT allowed at the Peewee level. We realize this is a concern for some parents that have boys moving from Squirts to Peewees. USA hockey rules will be followed for the Peewee level.

Q. What about Squirt A vs. Squirt AA?
A. Squirt A is primarily for players moving from Mites to Squirts while AA is primarily for players going into their final year of Squirts. However, if your child is likely to be a "C" player next year, they will be allowed to play A (returning C level Squirts have typically done very well at the AA Squirt level). 

Q. Can I bring in an entire team?
A. Absolutely! When you do this, please have a team representative collect all of the registration forms and payments and turn it in together. Please make sure you notify us of your intentions to bring in a team rather than waiting until you collect all of the information. This will help with our planning.

Q. Can I request that a group of kids get on the same team even though we don't have a complete team?
A. Yes, you can certainly make this request by including a note on the registration form. Spring League is an excellent opportunity for friends/relatives from different hockey associations to play on the same team.

Q. Can I register an individual?
A. Definitely! While most of our players come in with complete teams, we get a significant number of individuals each year. We try our best to ensure that all individuals get assigned to a team.

Q. How many players can I have on a team?
A. If you register a whole team together, $2000 will cover a 16 player roster. You may have additional players for the per/player fee.